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Clinical research not only benefits your heath, but can lead to advances for the next generation! The process of research is an integral part of making current “standards of care” even better and the healthcare industry would not make strides if it weren’t for clinical research.

Ask your doctor more about clinical research. Here are just a few reasons to start asking some questions and, potentially, participate in a clinical trial.

  • Clinical trial participants can gain access to promising new approaches often not available to the public or people outside the clinical trial setting.
  • Participants have the opportunity to impact the future. Participation in clinical research provides the information necessary to deliver the highest quality health care for generations to come.
  • Participants may receive free medical care and/or may be paid for being a part of a study.
  • Participants receive expert health care. By participating in a clinical trial you will receive medical attention from a research team that includes physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, and other health professionals who are leaders in their fields.

Take an active role in your healthcare and help the future. Some clinical trial participants say they have more control over their situation and this, in turn, leads to a more positive outlook and a better quality of life.

For more information on clinical trial participation, and if you are interested in gastrointestinal clinical research studies, visit our current studies page.