At Hometown Research our first and foremost priority is your safety and comfort. To ensure your safety our experienced physicians and clinical staff strictly follow the guidelines of FDA and the comprehensive guidelines given for each study. Our friendly staff is available for any questions and concerns. Besides the drug companies have 24 hours hotline to answer emergency questions.

Dedicated Clinical Team
Our staff consists of experienced physicians, fully staffed clinical research team, on site emergency response personnel, strict adherence to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), GCP and HIPAA.  Stellar customer service is always the norm.

At Hometown Research Center you will find:

  • Board Certified, Experienced Investigators
  • IATA DOT Certified Specialist
  • GCP trained personnel
  • Positive community support
  • Multi-ethnic patient population
  • ACLS Certified Staff
  • Major Hospital within 5 mi.
  • 24/7 contact number
  • Competent clinical research coordinators


Hometown Research maintains an environment of trust, open communication, and a “managing with respect” philosophy.