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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, a common complication is diabetic neuropathy, or nerve pain. The most common cases may occur in your lower legs and feet and can not only be uncomfortable, but painful.

Here are some ideas to help you manage your nerve pain at home. If, of course, the pain is getting worse or transferring to other areas in your body, call your doctor immediately.

1. Get out and groove your body: even a small amount of exercise will help your body. Take a walk, stretch, put on some good music and dance.
2. Sport those socks: try compression socks (they can be found at your local drug store) which will help alleviate some of the pressure.
3. Cut the fat: or at least some of it. Eating small, frequent meals will help with digestion and overall health. Try cutting down on processed foods.
4. Heat it up, cool it down: a heating pad may be beneficial for relieving your diabetic nerve pain symptoms. The other option is an ice pack. Make sure you listen to your body and do not cause more damage by, for example, damaging your skin with an ice pack left on too long.
5. Soak it all in: take a warm bath. Not only will the warmth of the water be soothing on your legs and feet, but your overall body will be able to relax.
We are participating in a clinical research study for diabetic neuropathy. If you are interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll follow up.