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Hometown Research (aka Urgent Care Specialists) is a highly experienced clinical research company dedicated to adult, pediatric and geriatric phase II-III-IV clinical trials, with specialties in family practice and urgent care.  We have conducted research for over five years and our reputation for excellence is built upon the contributions of many volunteers which have allowed us to successfully complete over 100 trials.  Volunteers choose Hometown Clinical Research because our attentive doctors provide consistent, comprehensive medical care.  Patient safety is our primary concern.  Hometown is experienced in multiple therapeutic areas, including gastrointestinal, respiratory, pain, infectious disease and acute studies such as ankle sprain.  We conduct research trials from our urgent care centers located in major cities in southern Ohio.  We draw patients from a robust research database, our urgent care database of over 200,000 patient names, and greater metropolitan populations of 2.3 million people (Columbus) and 1.1 million (Dayton).We have been audited by numerous sponsors, with no major findings, proof of our experienced, trained and involved investigators and staff.  All of our Investigators have CITI Human Subjects Research Curriculum Training and NIH Human Subjects Protection training. Our research coordinators average 10 years of experience, with a range of 3 to 20 years, and provide quality data with detailed source documents.

For more information on our sites, please contact Ritu Singla at: RSingla@hometownurgentcare.com.